Historically Significant Writings

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Colonial Government
Declaration of Independence (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker) (Mobi)
United States Constitution (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker) (Mobi)
Bill of Rights (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)

George Washington
Rules of Civility (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker) (Mobi)
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker)

Abraham Lincoln
Emancipation Proclamation (Ending Slavery) (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker)
Gettysburg Address (eReader) (eReader - iPhone)

Thomas Paine
Common Sense... (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker) (Mobi)
The American Crisis... (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)

Patrick Henry
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)
Thoughts on the American Constitution (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (plucker)

Benjamin Franklin
The Autobiography of Ben Franklin (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)

Congressman Ron Paul
Sorry Ben Franklin, We Are All Democrats Now (eReader) (eReader - iPone) (Mobi)
The Honorable Ron Paul's "Liberty Amendment" (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)

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