Nishiki Tamarack Bicycle

I said I’d post some pictures of the new bicycle when the opportunity presents itself, well, this is it– the 2012  Nishiki Tamarack Bicycle.

Some people classify it as a “comfort bike”, others call it an hybrid. In the pictures that follow, you’ll see the front fork has built-in shock-absorbers. There is another shock in the seat-tube, and coil springs under the saddle.

Components are not the best, but they are Shimano and they do a good job shifting through the twenty-one “speeds” on this bike. The Tamarack has a high-tinsel steel frame, but it is not much heavier than most aluminum-framed bikes in the same class. The frame material was chosen to make the bike more comfortable on bumpy surfaces and it’s cheaper and more durable than aluminum (aluminum does not rust).

You’ll see that I equipped the bike with a Topeak-made, “Giant-branded” rack over the back tire. I like this outfit because I can carry a spare water bottle, a pump, a few emergency tools, and some other goodies for the road.

I have been riding every chance I get and my bottom has not been sore at all, thanks to the shock and the coil-springs on the saddle. For $240 (USD) at Dick’s Sporting Goods, it’s an inexpensive way to get back in the saddle. For fun and fitness, you can’t beat it.

2012 Nishiki Tamarack 20 inch Bicycle

note the integrated shock-absorber in the seat-post and the coil-springs under the saddle– makes for a very comfortable ride

You can see a detail image of the frame, the chain-wheel, and the rear derailler with these links below:

frame detail


rear derailluer



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