Blackbeard (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)

Treasure Island (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi) (Plucker Edition)

Robin Hood - The Complete Story (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi)

Captain Blood (eReader) (eReader - iPhone) (Mobi) (Plucker Edition).
Swashbuckling Adventure of Buccaneer Capt. Peter Blood.
The tale takes place in the Spanish Main with French, English, and Spanish tall ships, and pirates.

The Pirate's Own Book (Plucker Edition) (Mobi)
"The Pirate's Own Book", by Charles Ellms, is a history of the most imfamous and blood-thirsty
cut-throats and scallywags that ever sailed the Seven Seas. A MUST READ for pirate lovers.

Buccaneers & Pirates of Our Coasts (Mobi) (Plucker Edition)
Note: In the Plucker Reader, this file's links do not, for some reason, take you to the
precise location. You are a very short distance from the location, but, a few clicks
might be necessary to get there. Perhaps it is due to the large file size and number of links...
just a guess, Mick

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